Knowledge Graph Optimization

Knowledge Graph Optimization is a process of publishing information about an entity1 optimal for the creation of a knowledge graph2.

The optimization of the information includes:

The goal of the optimization is to trigger Google's Rich Results as part of a search for the brand name. Specifically, you want to trigger a knowledge panel, knowledge cards, or cards in any of the many Google Carousels or Google Filter Lists.


  1. An entity is a "thing" that is well-defined and has an identity. For example, a person, a location, a concept, or an event can be entities in a knowledge graph.

  2. A knowledge graph is a graph that expresses knowledge in its simplest form.

  3. Copy is short for advertising copy. Advertising copy is a (short) text that advertises a product or brand to people. The term copy is also used to express that precise short language is required.

  4. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a set of algorithms that extract semantic meaning from text. NLP allows machines to extract information from text.