Free Personal KGO Coaching
for 3 Months

In honor of International Women's Day 2024 (March 8th) we offer three months of Knowledge Graph Optimization (KGO) consulting to one woman.

The consulting will include:

All this will be for free. Apply by booking a 20-minute discovery call with Kaj Kandler.


Who is eligible for this Coaching?

As we want to honor IWD 2024, this coaching is for women only. This offer is no sweepstakes. Kaj Kandler will select the lucky women personally. He will select based on criteria of the current standing of the brand entity in the Google search results.

Furthermore, you need to be willing to work on your personal brand and how it appears online. You need to be prepared to make and post photos, create and change social media profiles, to make changes to your personal/brand website. Last but not least you must be willing to share insight into your branding goals and positioning.

Optionally, you can grant us access to some of your assets for technical assistance. Otherwise, you'll need someone to make fairly technical changes to your website.

Optionally, you can write articles to promote your expertise. You can also create videos, presentations, or infographics and images. This will enhance the effects and accelerate the changes that Google can make.

How to apply for free consulting?

If you are a woman with an online presence, please book a call with me before March 30th for a brand entity checkup. In the call, Kaj Kandler will discuss your search results for your brand and how well Google understands who you are or what your other entity is.

Is there a deadline to apply?

Yes, you must apply before March 30th, 2024 to be eligible for the free consulting/coaching.

When will I be informed if I'm the winner?

We will contact you by April 1st (no April's fool here) if you are the lucky woman. We will make arrangements for further meetings and a setup for communication.

When can I expect improvements?

Optimizing the Google Knowledge Graph is a tricky business. Much of the change is not entirely in your or our control. However, we can expect to see some movement in 4 to six weeks.

We expect improvements to continue after that. Especially if you will continue to add content to your website and promote it on social media. The foundation of a good standing in the knowledge graph will enhance any SEO efforts.

What improvements can I expect?

As always, predicting the future is hard. Of course, it depends on how strong your current position in the brand search is and how much change we can do together. It also depends on how much material we have to work with. Let's say we are promoting you as a person as the main entity. Then it is helpful if you have control over your employer's profile or other entities related to you, such as a book or a non-profit you volunteer for.

Why should I make the effort to promote my brand?

Strong brand search results will bring you more business.

  1. When people search for your name or the name of your business, they are at the bottom of the funnel. They are in the phase to validate that you will take good care of them. A strong search result with potentially a knowledge panel or knowledge cards will increase your chances of winning their business.
  2. Google is the modern business card. We Google everything, purchases, entertainment, products, and people we just met.
  3. A strong brand appearance saves money in the long term. If you can increase your bottom-of-the-funnel conversion by 1%, what will that mean to your efforts to win customers? You either have more customers for the same effort or reduced effort in sales calls or advertisements.

What if I can't find a free slot in your calendar?

Please contact us by email or phone and we'll work something out.