Brand Entity Audit - Service

A Brand Entity Audit evaluates the visibility of the brand as an entity in the Google Knowledge Graph. It is sometimes also called a "Google Knowledge Graph Audit."

A Brand Entity Audit is the starting point for Knowledge Graph Optimization and Brand Entity Monitoring.

If you are interested in a brand entity audit for your name, your corporation, or your website, book a call here

Benefits of Brand Entity Audits

If you want to improve your brand entity online, you need to assess a starting point to compare changes. A brand entity audit gives you this point of reference.

A brand entity audit gives you also an overview, of which elements of your brand entity you want to control.

With an audit, you can also compare competing entities against each other.

With repeated audits of the same entity, you can monitor the development of the entity over time.

Deliverables of Brand Entity Audits

Our audit service for your brand entity tells you:

We collect this information and provide a comprehensive report to you.

Common Questions

Here are a few questions I answer repeatedly about an audit of your brand

Can I perform a Brand Entity Audit for a Person?

Certainly, you can perform a brand entity audit for a person. The audit evaluates if Google understands you as a notable person and what attributes it deems most important to present to users.

Can I perform a Brand Entity Audit for a Corporation?

Of course, you can perform a brand entity audit for corporations. If you want to improve the visibility of your corporate name for branded searches we recommend starting with an audit and optimizing from there.

Can I perform a Brand Entity Audit for a Website?

A brand entity audit can be performed for a website. This is especially useful if the website is authoritative in its niche and represents a brand.

What do I need for a Brand Entity Audit?

For a brand entity audit, you need to have the name of the brand and the type of entity you expect it to be. Further required is the country and language you want to audit the entity in search.

Why is a Brand Entity Audit only in the context of a language and country?

A brand entity audit depends heavily on the Google Search Result Page (SERP). Google uses heavily the context of language and country where the search originates. Such context is used w/o the searcher entering it as part of the query.

The dominance of an entity in Google search results depends on language and country.

While the search results are dependent on location and language, an entity in the Google knowledge graph only depends on language.

What can I do with the Results of a Brand Entity Audit?

You can use the results of a brand entity audit to evaluate your online branding efforts. The results of the audit will tell you:

All the information in the audit can be used to optimize your content and the online activities for the Google Knowledge Graph. It is the basis for your Online Branding Strategy.