Knowledge Graph Optimization Coaching - Service

Knowledge Graph Optimization Coaching interprets the results of a brand entity audit and recommends actions to take control of the entity.

Knowledge Graph Optimization Coaching starts with a Brand Entity Audit and an assessment of the branding goals related to the entity.

If you are interested in a brand entity coaching for your name, your corporation, or your website, book a call here

Benefits of Knowledge Graph Optimization Coaching

An online brand is a complex thing. The reflections of a brand entity in Google's knowledge graph require special expertise and knowledge of many technical aspects.

Coaching to optimize your brand online gives you a sounding board for the many ideas. You can rely on Kaj Kandler as an expert coach to navigate the technical aspects of the knowledge graph, schema markup, and the search engine optimization challenge to make your entity the dominant one in Google's eyes.

Having a coach at your side speeds up the process to wrestle control of your entity in the Google Knowledge Graph. Independent experimentation can lead to wasted efforts and frustration, and Google stays confused about your entity.

Deliverables of KGO Coaching

Our coaching service for your brand entity provides:

Kaj Kandler, our expert in knowledge Graph optimization, will have regular one-on-one coaching sessions with you. In the sessions, he will gather your goals, provide feedback about feasibility, and suggest actions to be taken to move the entity in the right direction.

Common Questions

Here are a few questions I answer repeatedly about KGO Coaching

Can you coach me to optimize myself as a Person?

Yes, I can coach you to educate Google's knowledge graph about you and your most important properties.

As a matter of fact, that is the most common form of entity optimization. If you are an author, a solopreneur, or the CEO of a startup optimizing your entity in the knowledge graph and the search results for your name lifts your reputation in the eyes of prospects and clients.

Can you coach us to optimize our business name?

Yes, I can coach you to optimize your corporation's information in the knowledge graph.

Searching for the name of a business is a bottom-of-the-funnel activity. Most searchers want to assess the reputation of the company before they commit to a purchase.

Secondary are navigational searches, where the searcher wants to reach the company's website or service. In that context, rich results strengthen your customer's trust in your business.

Can you help us to promote our Website?

In principle yes, I can coach you to include a website in the Google Knowledge Graph.

However, in most cases, the website is an attribute of a business. Only very strong online-only brands will be recognized as a kind of publication with their own entity in the knowledge graph.

What is required for successful coaching?

A successful coaching relationship depends on trust and patience, as well as the willingness to take action.

If I shall coach you, you must trust me with my advice. A lot of it will be technical in nature and I can not train you in all aspects of it. I can only coach you on what actions to take. Some advice is rooted in how to express knowledge and facts. As you want to stay in control of your social profiles, it is best you change descriptions, and post articles and photos.

The goal of the coaching is to educate Google's algorithms about your entity and its properties. This education is a process and requires time, as in months not days or weeks. Therefore patience is required for a successful optimization of your brand entity.

Why do you offer coaching for KGO?

Knowledge Graph Optimization involves many properties that are sensitive to control. It involves your website and many social profiles that you don't want to give control to third parties. Therefore we coach you through the actions instead of implementing all ourselves.

How long does it take to see results?

The time from taking action and seeing changes in Google's knowledge graph is hard to predict. It can take days for a change to take effect or months.

If you have a trusted entity home page and can change information quickly on all relevant media, Google can trust this change in a few days and change your knowledge panel. For example, if you are a celebrity in your field and start promoting a new upcoming event you can see changes within days.

If you have no entity so far, it can take months to educate Google that you are a unique thing and that you are notable enough to be included in the knowledge graph. Google seems to include new entities in waves like it changes its search engine with core updates. So it might be that you have to wait for the next update of the knowledge graph to occur.

If you have an entity and want to establish a home for it that Google trusts it takes in my experience up to two months.

All times depend on swift actions. If you change your description across 20 profiles within a day, Google reacts relatively fast. If you create dissonance, by changing the 20 profiles over 40 days (1.5 months) Google becomes first confused and may even remove information from your knowledge panel before it adjusts to the new facts being consistent. Such a change may take easily 6 months to take root.

How is KGO different from SEO?

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you are focused on promoting a topic on a single page. Knowledge Graph Optimization focuses on a network of pages about (or mentioning) an entity. In both cases, link-building is an important component. However, in Knowledge Graph Optimization you have better control over the properties you build links from and the content you want to be associated with.

Also, KGO targets only queries about the brand name of the entity. These queries play an important role in the sales process, as they are bottom-of-funnel and directly relevant to converting the searcher to a customer.