About Entity Garden

Entity Garden provides services for Knowledge Graph Optimization. The website has been established by Kaj Kandler in 2024.

Knowledge Graph Optimization is an emerging field of search engine optimization (SEO) for brands. It optimizes information in a way so that knowledge graphs can properly turn it into facts.

Kaj Kandler - Founder and Chief Gardener

Kaj Kandler is an entrepreneur with 35 years of experience in software development and managing software teams. He was always involved in startup companies. He enjoys building new tools and processes in an emerging field.

Kaj Kandler has run numerous websites and always tweaked them to show well in search engines. With Google turning from page rank to semantic search and now to AI generative experiences, he explored the technology behind it all.

He is fascinated by technologies like Natural Language Processing, Semantic Search, Knowledge Graphs, and Linked Data. He is so passionate about the opportunities to promote brands and expertise with these techniques, that he had to start this business.

Magnolida in full bloom
Magnolida in full bloom

About Knowledge Graph Optimization

A Knowledge Graph is a database of things and their properties, including their relations to each other. The things in a knowledge graph are entities, things that are somehow unique. Entities can be people, products, organizations, events, or concepts.

Inclusion in Google's knowledge graph requires that information is consistent and is corroborated by multiple parties, such as websites. The traits of consistency and corroboration apply to any effort to brand a product, corporation, or person.

Knowledge Graph Optimization (KG) is the process of publishing brand information in such a way that it can easily be understood by the algorithms of search engines. Further, KGO aims to publish the information in the right places for corroboration.

Through the actions taken, Google Knowledge Graph algorithms gain confidence in the information collected and recognize it as facts.

Who benefits from Knowledge Graph Optimization?

Any brand can benefit from a strong presence in Google's Knowledge Graph. When Google is confident about the properties of an entity, the facts, it displays a knowledge panel and sometimes knowledge cards in the search results for a search of the brand name.

Searches for brand names are much more common than one would assume. for small and medium business (SMB) studies have shown that 20% of all queries include brand names. For larger brands that portion can rise to over 40%.

If you want to capture the 20+% of searches that are branded searches, you better optimize for these searches. Educating the Knowledge Graph is a unique opportunity to shape the facts of a person, a product, or a brand.

We specialize in personal branding and the branding of all directly associated products, such as books, podcasts, or events.

The story of the name Enity Garden

When Kaj tried to explain his business to a friend who knew nothing about search engine optimization or branding, he used the analogy of a gardener.

A gardener needs to grow his crops and flowers with intent, care, and patience. In the spring he sows seeds, fertilizes and weeds all summer long, and patiently waits until he can harvest the crops in the fall.

Educating Google's Knowledge Graph also needs intentional planting of seed information and care to detail, in order to result in strong entities.

As this analogy explains the slow process with great and long-lasting results worked so well with his friend, Kaj decided to name the business accordingly.