Brand Entity Audit - Service

Brand Entity Monitoring makes brand entity audits in regular intervals. It tracks the visibility of the brand as an entity in the Google knowledge graph over time. It is sometimes also called "Google Knowledge Graph Monitoring."

Brand Entity monitoring can measure changes in an entity in the Google Knowledge Graph. It is a feedback mechanism for the Google Knowledge Graph Optimization.

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Benefits of Brand Entity Monitoring

If you want to optimize your brand entity online, you need to continuously monitor its reflection in Google's Knowledge Graph as well as in the SERP.

Brand Entity Monitoring allows you to prove that you control many aspects of the "facts" Google collects about your brand in its knowledge graph.

You can also monitor competing brands, especially those that might be more dominant in specific markets.

Remember that brand entity monitoring is based on periodic brand entity audits and is specific to the combination of brand name, language, and country where the search is performed.

Deliverables of Brand Entity Monitoring

Our monitoring service for your brand reports at regular intervals:

We collect this information at monthly intervals and provide a comprehensive report to you.

We further note changes and the comparison with the desired outcome determined by a brand entity audit or the last monitoring snapshot.

Common Questions

Here are a few questions I answer repeatedly about monitoring your brand in Google Search and in the Google Knowledge Graph

Can I perform Brand Entity Monitoring for a Person?

Yes, you can perform brand entity monitoring for a person. The monitoring evaluates if changes in Google's understanding reflect your branding efforts. I further alert you to other entities becoming dominant in your market.

Can I perform Brand Entity Monitoring for a Corporation?

Of course, you can perform brand entity monitoring for a corporation. Monitoring your corporate name for branded searches ensures that your branding efforts have the desired effect. It further alerts you when you cease to be the dominant entity for your brand name.

Can I perform a Brand Entity Audit for a Website?

Brand entity monitoring can be performed for a website. This is especially useful if the website is authoritative in its niche and represents a brand.

What do I need for Brand Entity Monitoring?

Brand entity monitoring is the follow-up to a brand entity audit. Ideally, the audit has spurred some actions and you want to monitor changes caused by your actions. We recommend our coaching services so you take the right actions and don't waste time and effort.

Like a brand entity audit, you need to define the brand name, language, and country

Why is Brand Entity Monitoring performed only in the context of a language and country?

Brand entity monitoring depends on the Google Search Result Page (SERP). Google uses the language and country where the search originates as a context to determine if an entity is relevant. Such context is used w/o the searcher entering it as part of the query.

The dominance of an entity in Google search results depends on language and country. Google shows different entities as dominant in different countries.

While the search results are dependent on location and language, an entity in the Google knowledge graph only depends on language.

What can I do with the Results of Brand Entity Monitoring?

You can use the results of brand entity monitoring to evaluate your online branding efforts. The monitoring will tell you:

All the information in the monitoring report can be used to optimize your content and the online activities for the Google Knowledge Graph. It is the basis for your Online Branding Strategy.

Furthermore, monitoring your entity demonstrates how much you are in control of it. The speed at which Google makes changes is a measure of how much Google trusts the assets you control.